Wednesday, 9 January 2013


I wasn't a content writer or a copy-writer since the beginning of my career. I was an amateur writer for sure but never thought of making it a full time profession. But later, I left everything and got myself into serious writing.

The craft of writing has evolved manifold in past two decades. This has happened more so because of the invention of the computer and a revolution in the development of the internet. Today the use of a pen or a typewriter to write, is almost vanished but the relevance is still there.

This inclusion of technology has aided the writers in many ways, now the novice writers may be picked up by the clients or companies very easily. While they may also write in their free time or the times when they do not have any paid assignments. These pieces of content could be published on the free publication sites such as where the author credentials are bestowed upon the writer. It also works as a sample. Sending good literary pieces to Citi Journal would also earn some online writer's credentials.

Overall, writing is a fun way to earn, and be free to do things that one has always wanted. For me, it has always been all about liberty to travel.

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