Friday, 31 August 2012

August Gone!!!

I can't believe that the month of August has passed by me, as if it was yesterday. 

With a lot of shifting and my Bullet drenched in water, it was indeed a very happening month.

Let's see what's there for me in the weeks to come!!!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Is She a Damsel in Distress?

It is getting a bit irritating now, this g/f of my roomie is taking too much interest in my social and personal life. I am not liking it at all.

What the hell she is thinking? Am I the knight in shining armour and she's a damsel in distress?

The knight in shining armour is in distress for sure.

Got to find a new place again, all for myself and just for myself with a thorough access to my friends and family without any restrictions.

Hunt on!!!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Teaching Hindi-Learning Spanish

Learning new things has always been a passion for me, this time its the language, Spanish. A Hungarian girl wanted to learn Hindi and in return she offered me Spanish lessons, knowledge is something I can't say no too.

We met at Bandra station and had a long chat with each other but since I was having a tough time tackling the supposedly damsel in distress (the g/f of my roomie) I couldn't start our classes right away.

She is humble to understand my situation. I'll keep my fingers crossed for this opportunity and our next meet-up!!!

Monday, 27 August 2012

8 Hours of Rain

Mumbai and Delhi are notorious for their rain.

Both get flooded when it rains for couple of hours but I never swam across with my Bullet in waist deep waters. This was the day.

It was raining cats and dogs since morning and the rain stopped at 7:00pm in the evening when I walked to the station. The 5:55pm Borivali to Churchgate (Slow) was still at platform # 2, waiting for the lines to be cleared.

I came back walking to the office and took off on my Bullet to Kherwadi via S.V Road onto Khar-road, Bandra (West), Expressway and into Shivaji Colony. 

It was water everywhere but we went smoothly and reached the entrance to Kherwadi. I left the expressway and moved towards my place when I felt the water gushing towards us. The entire road was waist deep in water.

My bullet coughed one last time and the engine went silent. I had to push her for another half kilometer to park beneath the building.

My father was right in his advice.

"Learn to swim son, it's Mumbai!"

I guess, my bullet didn't pay any heed to his advice.

Engine filled with water, great evening!!! 

You can read more about the rain here.

Tattoo for My Manager!!!

So my manager wants a tattoo for herself.

I know she is impulsive at times and that's an excellent way to live your life but for a tattoo, it could be dangerous. Nevermind, if she doesn't mind.

A tattoo artist at Bandra (West) is perfect for the job, although he was new for us but the advertisements showed him to be good.

We were there right at the appointed time.

The job was done well but the work has to be done to its best by my tattoo artist in Pune now.

To top every disaster off, we have left our stuff at the tattoo studio.


A great 3 square inch tattoo day to boast.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Kherwadi-Bandra (East) Sales Manager & Junior Artist

A one-room/kitchen micro apartment on the 3rd floor in a MHADA built colony right between the Expressway and Bandra station. This place has a good row of eateries that brings water to my mouth by just looking at them.

Chicken Kababs!!

Rent INR4,000 with utilities to be paid by me and one rommie to share the flat with. I didn't know that his g/f would be coming in and staying over as a package (though I never did anything!!!)

Well, the roomie is good but his g/f is bit weird and takes extra-extra care of me. Very similar to what someone's g/f would do for her man, and this is freaking me out.  can't stay here alone in her presence.

Moreover, whenever I am alone it seems someone is always sitting besides me and want to communicate with me. I can't deny any probability of paranormal activities in this area of town because the old houses in Mumbai are always haunted, more or less.

Will see what is to be done if situation is not favorable in the coming days.

Till then I'll mind my business carefully!!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Alternative & Insult!!!

After yesterday's incident I don't think I can stay at MHADA any longer. I did inform Jay, the sensible rommie who is to move out next month about my displeasure over the way the landlord conversed with me.

But I would move out today evening itself and I have informed Jay about my intentions as well. 

No idea where I am gonna go but I have to leave.

Well, this is the greatest insult I have been bestowed by kapil through Jay. I know Jay didn't wanted to do this but he had to do because of Kapil. I wish kapil would have been there at that particular moment, it would be the most pleasing moment for me blasting him on the street itself.

So Kapil asks Jay to search my stuff but instead Jay takes me back home and calls Kapil to ask what he suspects me to steal. He checks Kapil's luggage, the stuff is still there. I am declared innocent.


What if the landlord had come earlier and stole the object? He could have very well done that with a spare key at his disposal. I would be getting strip searched or what?

Excellent decision on my part to move out or else kapil would have barbequed me nicely!

That night I went to a friend I never met, Amit at Bhandup. Nice guy to let me stay at his place.

Got to shift someplace tomorrow, where; no idea!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Roudy Landlord!!!

First day of the week and it was already 8:30 in the morning, time to rush to the bus stand.

I was to just put on my shoes and run out the flat when the bell rang.

It was the land lord who had the perfect timing to reach to his house when his tenants are to leave for office.

He asked me about who I am. So it was an interrogation visit by him to apprehend me and warn me from thinking or acting a free citizen but the slave to the society. 

Fine, he ate my good half-an-hour and gave many wisdom filled instructions on what to do and what not to do. I would say, he just allowed me to breath, eat, excrement, bath, wash, cook, sleep and nothing else as long as I am beneath his roof.

Hell yeah!!!

I am a free rider, no one can tie me up like this.

Something has to be done!!!

Saturday, 18 August 2012



This is outrageous and rude!

I can't bring any female or even my girlfriend at the flat???

Okay, what about my cousin???

Not even her!

What rubbish!!!

I have to inform the landlord first, then if he permits I can bring her over.

This is all absurd.

I don't know how long I am gonna be able to withstand this restriction. I am a grown up adult with the right to vote and drink, can't I have my friends over freely.

No, I can't!!!


Time to find out a solution!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

All Luggage at MHADA!!

Happy Independence Day to all!!! 

All my stuff has been picked up from my cousin and I am settled in MHADA with bag and baggage. I have to get mattress for sleeping though.

Kapil tells me that i can get a piece for INR600-INR800 from Andheri station, so it shouldn't be a problem. 

Today I did laundry and cleaning, what a view from 7th floor.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I reached to the new destination of my stay in MHADA after my office with just my backpack and few basic things.

The would be roomie kapil was surprised to see so less a luggage but i told him that since i came down straight from my office so I shall bring rest of the stuff tomorrow morning from my cousin's.

Fine new place with good volume of bed bugs to bother me but i don't care. Good cheap place with lots of freedom.

Got to go pick my stuff tomorrow. Better sleep real quick!!!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Mad House Hunting via Tech

Nothing has been materialized so far in a precise fashion so I have loaded the requisition for a room on sharing basis over Olx and other real estate websites.


I got a call from this young man and i went to see their place tonight. Right inside the MIDC zone in a MHADA building that has its ground floor all secured with CCTV. The one room-kitchen flat is on the 7th floor.

The guy who called me is from Ulhasnagar and the other guy is from Bilaspur. The Ulhasnagar guy is to leave the place on the 5th of September and so he needed someone to take his space and share the rent with his present roomie.

Rent would be INR4,000 with utility bills of INR2,00 for me with a deposit of INR15,000. Sounds reasonable and excellent. Tomorrow is holiday and I am moving in to this new place.

My cousin has been very gracious to let me bother her for almost 15 long days. 

Time to pack for tomorrow.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Serious House Hunting Sunday

Today I was accompanied by my best friend and cousin to MIDC area, Andheri (East) to check out a PG accommodation.

Well, one hall-kitchen-bedroom apartment, which I was suppose to share with 7 other guys. Super Chaotic. Rejected right away.

Back to Andheri and then to Dadar by Mumbai Local. From Dadar we went to CST, the plan was to have a delicious meal at Bade Miyan behind Hotel Taj at Colaba. 

Perfect place, perfect food and late night arrival to my cousin's place at 11:00pm.

Have to find out the place soon now.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

An Agent Next To Tilak Nagar Station

This was a real estate agent office right outside Tilak Nagar Station (East). I went to see him on my way back to my cousin and he told me that a place is available on sharing basis.

I asked who are the other occupants?

Students. He answered.

Now that was an absolute no no because they will be disturbed by my schedule and I'll be disturbed by their childish antics. I asked him to find a suitable place within a range of 6-8 for me.

Some hope after all, what a day!!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

House Hunt!!

Today evening I went to Andheri to see paying guest accommodation with a real estate agent behind the Brace Point on the S.V. Road. 

Both the places were good and cosy but I am a man who goes on his instinct. My heart said, "Don't take it." So I told the agent that I am not taking it but I would like to see more if available.

So the first day of home hunting went good and easy but with no result. My cousin has been very gracious to wait for me over dinner along with her family.

Something should materialize by this weekend.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Frecious Mumbai Local


The weekend went excellent with a major lead towards the many houses that I need to check for myself, but these are paying guest accommodations on the western lines of Mumbai sub-urban areas. I have to check them this week itself and move out to somewhere close to my office.

Today I witnessed the actual ferocious crowd of Mumbai local trains in the Central line. Tilaknagar to Dadar then Dadar to Santacruz was a very crowd crunching experience in the morning as well as in the evening. 

Map of Mumbai Local

But this is part of the Mumbai life, if one adapts himself to it, he is fit for Mumbai. 

If one loves it like me, he is built for Mumbai.

Now I have to get in touch with Madan and Sneha as well for my Salsa classes. 

Will be seeing some PG accommodation tomorrow.

Goodnight till then!!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

First Sunday: Cut to Jogeshwari Caves

Early morning at my cousin's place.

 I'll go off for a better start with a friend of mine to do some exploration in the backyard of Jogeshwari (East) suburbs today. 

My architect friend will take me through her locality today, I just can't wait for the adventure to begin.

On the other side, this week went good except the Shantiville episode, learning new things other than just conventional writing is an altogether fresh experience for me. SEO writing, writing content for website is an absolutely new format for me. I am glad I took this offer last month when the call came to me.

Will be posting more about this weekend in the next post.

Au revoir!!!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Chaotic Shantiville: Off to My Cousin

The weekend is planned so it will go fine but I guess I won't be able to put up in the heat of Shantiville and without an immediate access to the washroom for nature's call.

Current accomodation in Shantiville has the basic materialistic comfort but there are other factors that I can't ignore.

I had a word with my cousin and they have agreed to host me till I don't find a place of my own or otherwise.

Today will be my first day to jump in the 'Mumbai Local' and enjoy its hustle and pace when I'll go to see my cousin, it is going to be some experience tonight.

The house hunt begins now!!!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Good First Day Gone with Pani-Poori at Night

It was a good day altogether at the office yesterday, I reached a bit late with my two colleagues/roomies from our small one micro studio accommodation to the office at 10:00am.

The night of my arrival I just met Boss but didn't see the entire office, it is a small cozy space with 7 chairs and 6 systems to work on. Other than Adarsha, Bijan (my roomies) there were Mayur and Yuthika. 

Boss called me into his cabin and told me to get acquainted with the work with the help of Adarsha and Yuthika. And so I was helped accordingly with the neccessary.

By evening I was all settled with the briefing by my chief-editor Yuthika and technical-chief Adarsha. At 7:00pm I went along with my roomies to see the brother of Adarsha at Santacruz station. We met him there and I still had the night bestowed to me. A call to an old friend from Jamshedpur was the best thing to do, which I immediately did.

To my surprise she was at home and at a walking distance from the station, I went to see her. It was good to catch-up with her after a good long one year. As usual she was surprised to see me here in Mumbai on a desk job. Well i am surprised at myself sometime, so no issues.

After a good long chat she offered me to have paani-poori with her, we went off to a nearby vendor where I had a few but she had many. 

It is beyond my comprehension why the ladies love spicy paani-poori and chaat!!

Anyway, I walked her home and bid goodnight.

It was a fruitful beginning from a freelance content writer to a full time professional content writer on a desk, serving the corporate traditions from 9:30am to 6:30pm.

Things will work out for this vagabond, I can see that now! 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

First Day Towards Many Things: In Mumbai

Well, this is my first day for many things in my life, in Mumbai.

My first day as an official content writer and I am going through a very different feeling all together. 

This is my first day in Mumbai as a professional too, so a bit of nostalgia is there in me. 

A lot of memories are connected with this city of dreams, this is where the cardinal element originated to change everything for me.

This is the city where a lot of my old friends stay whom I will reconnect with soon. 

Will definitely find those friends too, whom I never met in my life yet.

I know that it will be difficult for a wanderer like me to sit at one place, day in and day out, to work but somehow there is a belief, which lay firmly within me. 

"I am going to make it good, big and excellent!"