Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How I practice Blogging

It's been sometime now, since I've been blogging on a regular basis. Everybody prefers Wordpress over Blogger because the former has an array of SEO and Revenue making tools. But I personally find the latter convenient for immediate blogging as it takes very less time to load. 
One can always create their blogging site, combining these two in perfect sync. That will keep the blog site optimized for the search engine as well as one can update it quickly. As for me, I go in combination with the three, Weebly, Wordpress and Blogger.

Weebly is the place where I have a website while Wordpress is just perfect for my travelogues. The blogger is extremely convenient to blog on a quick manner. Hence, I get the attractive features of everything. Many may think, this is bit complicated because of three different platforms. But once the system is developed by one to set a proper link, reciprocal links and backlinks, the entire task becomes benefiting.

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