Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Joy & Happiness!!!

I would begin my first blog post of this year with a little but very important element, which is the core of everything that we do. Happiness!!!

Margaret did say it in a very refined tone and I agree to that statement, too. However, this brings me to a second thing, which is the various activities I and some of my friends do. And the average person looks at us in amusement and at times unbelief. Their common question is, why do we do, what we love to do, i.e.; riding motorbikes, long road-trips, jungle treks, rock climbing without any safety equipment, earning enough just to travel again. The answer is, Joy...

Don't we live, work, earn, spend, act for the same endeavor? Joy! 

I do not ask, why you do, what you do because I know it brings joy to you. I am not surprised but at times envious for there are few things I can't do but I intent to do them all someday.

For now, understand, we are here to do two things, live and give what we can. 
All lead to one thing;

Happiness or Joy!!!

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