Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last day of the year 2013

Nothing beats the pleasure and the adventures I had this year as well. Though I am in a mess right now because of my own wrong doings and I would want nothing, but to go back in time and correct the most part of it if given an opportunity. However, I learnt a lot and turned 30 this year; the year that is about to come, I shall make a proper plan and execute it well.

Thanks to all my friends, family and foes to support me in my growth. Have a nice year ahead.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Monday, 30 December 2013

Last Monday of 2013

Well, this is the last Monday of the month and my first day of the week, working again. Though I even work on weekends so Monday or Friday, it hardly makes a difference to me. However, the fact will not change that I love to write and so my work stays simple as well as lovely to the core. For all those souls who hate landing in the office early on Mondays; I wish nothing but the above message for them.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Friday, 27 December 2013

Thinking & Action for SURVIVAL of JHARKHANDI PEOPLE ( Adivasi & Moolvasi ) in Jharkhand in NEXT 3 MONTHS

This is a socio-political proposal made by Mrs. Salkhan Murmu, President, Jharkhand Dishom Party, which is very apt for the indigenous people of Jharkhand.

Socio-Political Proposal

(1) A POLITICAL ALTERNATIVE with clear LEADERSHIP ( Of course, a collective leadershipwill be there but we need a Kejriwal & AAP to outdo the anti Jharkhandi forces. ) : Jharkhandi people need a political alternative with clear leadership to protect & promote their Jal, Jangal, Jamin, Khanij, Izzat, Abadi, Noukri- Rojgar, Bhasa- Sanskriti etc & STOP Bisthapan- Playan. Only peoples' movement can't help. The Jharkhandi People also cast their votes then whom will they cast ? They have been completely let down by BJP,CONG,JMM,JVM,AJSU etc. Lets give them an alternative. Its a complementary democratic action, which has brought great changes in Latin America.

 PRACTICAL--- Option A> Salkhan Murmu & JDP
                       Option B> Please propose..........if any.

(2) Option A / Option B will need support from Jharkhandi People & their socio- political organisations including their intellectuals, artists, activists, NGOs and even their religious leaders etc.:

Since the local MEDIA is vehemently against Jharkhandi People it is very very difficult to become Kejriwal & AAP hence all like minded souls have to come together & mobilize Jharkhandi People (JP) on emergency basis. JP are nervous & hopeless at present. Besides, the Enemy Camp is composed of Moneyed parties, leaders, police-administration, corporate, capitalists, dikus etc. The present crisis of MAGHI- BHOJPURI & DOMICILE  have amply reflected the grim reality. 

(3) ENDORSEMENT of a JHARKHANDI DOMICILE POLICY, which is Constitutional & in consonance with 27.11.2002 judgment by 5 Judge Bench of Hon'ble Jharkhand H.C. and which supports the cause of Jharkhand movement & its core objectives :

We need to formulate and endorse a Jharkhandi Domicile Policy, which could be practical & enforceable urgently whereas the opponents wish to keep this in limbo. JDP has floated the same and even handed the CM, Jharkhand on 23.08.2013 for his perusal & implementation but in vain.It has 2 concrete proposals:-

  (a) Allot 90% of the total class 3 & 4 jobs to Rural Population & fill them through Block Level Applicants ONLY after fixing the Blockwise Quota considering all Rural Population as LOCALS. The exceptions could be identified by the Gram Sabhas. We may note that all kinds of Khatiyans have been rejected by the Hon'ble H.C. 

  (b) The Hon'ble H.C. and S.C. have approved the criteria of local language,culture & tradition etc for identification of LOCALS. JDP has added Caste- List of Jharkhand to this.

Jharkhandi Domicile Policy DRAFT initiated by JDP in the form of a booklet is available with Jharkhand Express office, Ranchi ( Mob: 9431186819 ). Please have a look  at that.

   (a) Formation of DOMICILE SENA in every Block by the end of January,2014. JDP has started doing this with a target of atleast 1000 per block. This will consist of mostly educated but unemployed Adivasi- Moolvasi youths.

   (b) PUTLA- DAHAN : Effigy Burning, twice in a month, in  villages of anti Domicile leaders/ parties / govt so as to expose them in public.

   (c) Block Gherao for Job Quota : Domicile Sena with JDP leaders and other supporting forces will Gherao Blocks once  a month for demanding Block Level Job Quota & solution other peoples problems ie Narega job cards, indira awas, bridha pension, van adhikar patta, lal card etc. January 24, 2014 is fixed for Block Gherao.
  (d) Domicile Rath : This will be launched in January, 2014.


  To champion the Jharkhandi Peoples' cause & agenda MP / MLA candidates will be selected in consultation with the local people, Domicile Sena and supporting orgns in respective areas soon. Early selection of few good candidates can inspire the JP in Jharkhand & create a tip of good hope & success. The JP are disgusted with the leaders, who have been given chance in last 13 years, hence JP want a sea change. Let us give them an alternative BUT very soon. If we are committed for survival of JP ( Jharkhandi People ) let us think & ACT f a s t.   JOHAR.

Good Luck for 2014.
-- Salkhan Murmu, President, Jharkhand Disom Party.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

This Christmas Know Christmas Abbott

My 30th Christmas celebration has gone busy working on academic papers for someone else. However, it fun nonetheless as I loved writing that tough piece of assignment. With that I have entered into the domain of academic writing.

Now there is another reason, which will always remind me of a pint size modest feminine fit figure whenever the noun Christmas will pop-up. I recently got to know about Christmas Abbott. This 5'3" tall female is a weightlifter and a crossfit trainer that too an excellent one. I am inspired by her and would like to meet her someday in future.

The charm, the elegance, the tattoos and no doubt; the level of fitness she posses is incredibly enchanting for me to resist.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Birthday Card...

So today I get a greeting card for my birthday from Novato, CA, USA. Though I ride a Royal Enfield Bullet but this Harley looks really good. Loved the card.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Sunday, 15 December 2013

I turn 30 today!

So today I turned 30 years old and many things are to change as well as upgrade in my life. Turning a new leaf in the book of my life is going to be a bit difficult task for many reasons. However, I will make the most of this year that's ahead of me.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Batman Workout

These exercises are a full body workout that can be done beside your bed or in a small space over a yoga mat. Hence, the name "Batman Workout". Initially 1 set of 8 repetitions will do, which can be increased by adding 1 more set every week as well as making the repetitions from 8 to 12 or more. However, warm-up and stretching prior to these exercises is a must.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

December has arrived!!

It's been a bit more than two months today that I have been running and weight training. The result is amazing, I feel strong and better than ever; somewhat the same when I was in school playing sports. In sometime I shall be ready for my first marathon after a break of more than 3 years. 

Running 15+ Km everyday is definitely a pain, but the pleasure of knowing that I can do something that many can't do at my age is just a fabulous feeling.

Welcome December, the last month of 2013.

~Raghu Raj Murmu