Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Justice for Laxmi & Soni and other tribal?

It's good to see that the youth of my nation have finally come out of their protected and fancy layer of shell, to protest against the system and its administrators. The cause may be the horrifying rape incident with a medical student from Delhi but it has sure put the youth together, on one platform to stand and raise their voice. The outcome may not be concrete but it will definitely make a lot of change in the mentality of the political, and bureaucratic administrative branches.

The media is to be praised significantly, for bringing this entire incident to light, and churning righteous anger, out of the people on the street. However, what surprises me is the media's almost no role in bringing out the atrocities on the tribal females in light that happened couple of years ago. They were humiliated, and went through the kind of pain that none of us would ever understand or want to experience. The media could have played a lead role in getting them the justice but it didn't put the news in the same manner, as it did with the New Delhi rape victim or the Assam molestation victim.

Laxmi Oraon

She was barely 19 when she was participating in a rally with fellow tribefolk in the month of November 2007, asking to be recognized as "Scheduled Tribe" in the state of Assam but not a "Tea Tribe." The rally went peacefully for sometime till the local hooligans started to interfere with their procession. In a few minutes, there was a scene of chaos. Whomsoever could run and save their lives, did so in a haste. More than 100 females went missing by the end of the entire carnage. Dead bodies of the tribal were all around the place, who were brutally beaten to pulp by the locals.

Laxmi Oraon, in particular was chased, stripped, kicked and chased again while she was running frightened, absolutely naked on the street. Did something happened to the people who were responsible for tormenting her. We do not know that.

Sony Sori

Soni Sori was a tribal school teacher, who was arrested on the 4th October, 2011 on the alleged charges of her being in connection with the Communist Party of India (Maoist). She was also accused of being a courier person for the said organization. As per her statement, she was interrogated on the 8th and 9th day of October, 2011. Prior to gang raping her, she was stripped, and given electric shocks. All this was done on the orders of the (then) DSP Ankit Garg, who later received a medal from the government. When she was sent to Kolkata Medical College Hospital, the doctors had to remove the stones lodged into her vagina and rectum.

Although the DSP Ankit Garg has denied her allegations, but the question remains prudent that if she was in police custody, then how these stones went into her body cavity????

Soni Sori's letter to the judge!

What saddens me is that the indigenous populace of India is not being supported by the media, the way it supports anyone else. The coverage is negligible, if compared to to the attention it gives to other victims.  The justice will be done with these victims of present times, but what about these tribal females and other victims of police, bureaucracy, politics and system?

At times, I am a bit frightened, what if the peaceful tribal agitate violently one day? What if they take over the streets in a suicidal blandishment? What if they follow the path of the Tibetans but take the lives of the culprits with them, while they make their own way to heaven?

A dangerous situation is cascading towards an explosive outcome.
Justice needs to be served soon...

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