Sunday, 30 September 2012

Meringue Workshop!

It was a quick notice for me to take Swat for a Sunday Meringue workshop at Powai, Mumbai. It is not my cup of tea, so I better stick to Salsa and Bachata.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Looking back!

20 days ago, a danger was looming over my brethren, I am glad they never got into the situation or else it would have been a major disaster for everyone.

I look back to that time and now, I was worried to my bones with the probability of many godforsaken things to happen. And I see now, all is soothed away.

May things be like this till adventure doesn't come screaming my name so I don't have to make her reach to an orgasm and may be multiple for that matter.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

All Repair Done!

Finally, she's in my arms but the tuning is not all that good. 

It hardly matters as she'll see Anthony now, the nest on the western line when it is about Royal Enfield Bullet.

I carefully rode her back to her destined parking spot and parked her. Will take her to the lover lover; when I'll have some time to spare.

For now, I am freakishly happy that she's back!!!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bullet to the Garage!

More than two weeks since she has sat idle because of the break down.

I pushed her off to a mechanic at Kherwadi in the hope to get her fixed and rolling again.

He did say that she'll be delivered on Tuesday with Monday being a weekly off in that area.

I regret messing her up!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ladakh Festival...

I wonder how it would be going around in Ladakh when the festive season begins with September and goes on till the middle of the month.

Wish I was there this time of the year.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bright Morning

Yesterday morning I moved into 512 with all my baggage from Bandra.

I did reach office pretty late because of it but the pleasure of having my own pod, even at a very high rent is priceless.

My office-manager is pissed off for sure but this place is going to be fun. I will have to get few basic things for the home but the attempt will always be to remain Mr. Minimum for the convenience of maintenance as well as travel.

A BEST bus takes me straight to the office and back home. One side of the trip is nearly 55 minutes so it's a good time for me to read newspaper too.

All the necessary requirements could be met via the nearby shops, while there is adequate space for me to park my Bullet right in front of the building I am putting up in. 

This morning is just amazing with the sun rising in the horizon with pigeons flying around. The orange hue with thin layers of clouds made the entire process very breath taking.

After a month and eight days, I am in my own place.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Decision & Keys to 512!!!

By evening the decision was made and by 09:00pm I had the keys to the micro-studio apartment.

In the morning I am to move in here. An excellent choice of place I must say.

While on my way back to Bandra I called Badshah, a friend from Jamshedpur to meet me. He was coming from Churchgate so it wasn't hard for him to jump off to Bandra for me. 

We met and chatted and chatted till midnight.

He had to make a move and so he left at almost 15 minutes to 1:00am.

It is always very pleasant to meet an old friend from home.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Agent Calls: Bring Your Bag & Settle In!

My ex-colleague called me and confirmed me to go and see this place in Jogeshwari (East). She thinks that I would like it.

I don't know but i have to go and check it.

6:30pm in the evening I took off from office and reached Andheri station by 7:00pm. Called the agent and confirmed that I am reaching to see the flat.

I chose to walk my way with the GPS navigation on my Samsung Duos phone to the locatin. It took me precisely 40 minutes to reach there by walking. 

I checked out the place. 

Rent was INR8,000 and deposit was INR10,000 with INR1,500 as the additional charges for paper work while one month's rent would be given to the agent as his brokerage.

I was still in two minds.

I told him that I would drop down the next day to drop the token money and seal the deal.

He said, "Bring along your baggage and move in!"

Things seems to materialize!!!     

Monday, 3 September 2012

Hunt Continuous...

The hunt for a place continuous with new leads and a long list of real estate agents across the length and breadth of Western Line of Mumbai Local.

I have given a call to a very dear friend of mine, let's see if he can fetch something for me. But the pressure from this bikini-clad junior artist is increasing with every passing day now.

I don't want to sink there, where not a drop of water can be seen!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September Begins...

September begins with a another hot calender girl on my blog. Will do this every month now.

My first cheque comes in my hand and it feels very nice.

A little trouble as I do not know where to find a branch of ICICI bank and that too at lunch time.