Friday, 21 December 2012

Why I Love Writing!

"It is important to me, and many do not understand it, so I am writing about it."

Why I love writing, is something people ask me very often these days. 

I always loved writing, but I was scared to admit it perhaps. I was a wannabe, an aspiring writer but never a 'writer' until I got a call one lazy evening from someone who asked me if I would be comfortable writing about automobiles. I said yes, it was an excellent opportunity for me to write, learn and get my name up there on the site; as an author of whatever I wrote.

It was the turning point for me; I was christened a writer, a full-fledged author. I later realized that 'content' is the king and a pen or a keyboard is a mighty sword. The internet or the paper is the battleground, and the readers are the people who get influenced, affected, confused or saved by what they get to see and read. 

Journalism for true journalism has become a tough thing to practice today. However, I would like to do it, for the people must know what is happening around them, for real.

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