Saturday, 29 December 2012

RIP The Warrior!!!

Finally the Warrior went to heaven, leaving the entire nation amidst shock and awe over her entire agonizing episode of suffering, struggling, and finally a sound sleep. The fight is not yet over though. This incident resulted in mass protest by the youth of India, which shook the policy makers in such ghastly manner that they didn't dare to go talk to the protestors in public. Instead, they send the law enforcement agencies to "Manage" (Read MANHANDLE) the crowd.

What surprised me was the way Sushil Kumar Shinde (Home Minister) acted. He is indeed more a perfect political brat, than a statesman who would go and meet the students when they really need him. His excuse is the most lame that I heard in recent years from any politicians. What surprises me is the lust of these old people, for the chair, the power, the attention. The 2014 General Elections are approaching and they will have to go down to their constituencies for contesting the elections. And there is a fair possibility that they will win because there will be no competent youth to challenge them in the elections. 

Doesn't the government understand that the peaceful rally by students is more safe to address than to go and meet the Maoists. Both the students and Maoists are two different entities.

To top the trauma, the so called "managing" of the crowd costed the Delhi Police one of their own constable Subhash Chand Tomar, who suffered a heart attack while chasing the crowd of youth. If he wouldn't be pushing himself to "manage" the crowd on the orders of his superiors, then he would have been alive. The President and the Prime Minister, both seem to have lost the sensibility and sensitivity to a vital problem that concerns the dignity of women. The political practicality seems to have gone to Alzheimer because of old age. The response time of the Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi, Delhi CM Sheila Dixit, President and the Prime Minister is so dull that I am ashamed to even compare them with the American President, who acts promptly to crisis.

What has startled me is the non-involvement of the Prince of Congress, Rahul Gandhi. The Congress Govt. could have sent him to talk to the youth. Congress is looking for the young youth leaders all across India but it didn't send its own leader to talk to the possible future leaders. It seems, the party doubts the potential of its own prince. I don't blame them, it happens at times. Especially at times like this when the crowd is young, intelligent and understands their rights and constitutional powers. If Rahul Gandhi would have entered into the arena, it would have brought the party in a good image with at least the youth.

Now I wonder, since the victim is dead, her boyfriend in a miserable condition, the government being impotent, will the judiciary do anything? I highly doubt that

 -I suggest the youth of my nation and all the activist, let's stop the protest on the street.
-Hire an excellent lawyer, and get all the culprits bail. It would be easy now.
-Ladies shall meet them outside the jail and give them a warm welcome.
-Then the pieces of the culprits can be taken to everybody's home as a souvenir.

This shall set perfect example for the eve-teasers, molesters, rapists and the government. To add more to the blow, this is what another fella has suggest;

"Why doesn't the nation boycott the Republic Day celebrations in totality? Ensure a "NO SHOW". They don't want the citizens gathering even for a peaceful protest, so why should crowds gather to hear them at their convenience? And what is the Nation celebrating anyway?

Let the PM & the President address vacant spaces & buildings. They don't want our presence now but let us be absent when it matters most. Let the world get a taste of our disgust. Let us shame them by playing their game."

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