Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Alternative & Insult!!!

After yesterday's incident I don't think I can stay at MHADA any longer. I did inform Jay, the sensible rommie who is to move out next month about my displeasure over the way the landlord conversed with me.

But I would move out today evening itself and I have informed Jay about my intentions as well. 

No idea where I am gonna go but I have to leave.

Well, this is the greatest insult I have been bestowed by kapil through Jay. I know Jay didn't wanted to do this but he had to do because of Kapil. I wish kapil would have been there at that particular moment, it would be the most pleasing moment for me blasting him on the street itself.

So Kapil asks Jay to search my stuff but instead Jay takes me back home and calls Kapil to ask what he suspects me to steal. He checks Kapil's luggage, the stuff is still there. I am declared innocent.


What if the landlord had come earlier and stole the object? He could have very well done that with a spare key at his disposal. I would be getting strip searched or what?

Excellent decision on my part to move out or else kapil would have barbequed me nicely!

That night I went to a friend I never met, Amit at Bhandup. Nice guy to let me stay at his place.

Got to shift someplace tomorrow, where; no idea!

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