Thursday, 23 January 2014

Practice Run of 5 km

After I finished my first Full Marathon of this year, almost 3 weeks ago; my comeback has been pretty satisfying. I have been running a full round of the Kadma-Sonari Link Road and the Airport, which total the distance to 5 km. The non-stop running for 30 minutes each day has relaxed and soothed my leg muscles to a large extent. However, I need to get a regular massage therapy or I am scared that my lower back pain will emerge once again.

Lately, the JUSCO has been upgrading some parts of this walker's path with raised soil bed for beautiful grass, which does look very appealing. Wait till it gets all green. As for running, from tomorrow, I shall extend my running to 10 km or may be more, let's see how it goes tomorrow.

~Raghu Raj Murmu

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