Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tanishq: Breaking the Fair Virgin Maiden Barrier

This is the latest advertisement of Tanishq, which is special in a lot of different ways. For the first time, a jewelry firm has come up with such an innovative and heart-touching thoughtful advertisement that reflects the actual celebration of a woman's identity and liberty in its own way.

The advertisement begins by showing a women getting ready to be married in sometime. In the meanwhile a little girl pops out from the background; she could be anyone, a niece, friend's daughter or a young cousin. However, the eyes of the would-be-bride has a certain spark when she see her. Their relationship of a mother and daughter becomes more evident by the way she takes care of the little girl. Afterwards, the little girl take her mother to the marriage stage where the bridegroom is waiting for the latter. The bride sits and the ceremony starts, which later reaches to the point where bother had to do the rounds of fire. The little girl also wanted to participate, but her mother signs her to remain quiet. Bridegroom witnesses that little communication of sign language between the mother-daughter that prompts him to take the little girl in his arms and complete the rounds. At the end of it all, the little girl asks if she could call the bridegroom 'Papa'.

Now let's reflect on what we just saw and what it could really mean for the millions of women as well as men. After watching it many would say that remarriage is justified for a woman who is divorced or widow with child. 

My take is, why a woman has to be married to be a mother at the very first place? An independent, strong, compassionate, kind woman can make her own choice to have a child or adopt one to be a mother without being married. The advertisement could be seen as the "Very First" marriage of a single mother who found the right man, after she chose to became a mother first.

The second most important thing that all the men and women at large could notice from this peculiar advertisement is that it has a dusky women in its center. So all those "Fair & Lovely" fans and fanatics, please understand that we Indians have something bestowed by the nature, which is exotic to the White Caucasian race. Let's cherish it and nourish it!

True that, with this particular work Tanishq has broken the mindset and the barrier, which the Indian folks had. The idea of a virgin maiden being the only suitable candidate to be a bride is shattered, a mother can be married for the first time. A divorcee or a widow can always start her life afresh. Last, but not the least; Dusky women are beautiful in every aspect if they stop worrying about their skin tone...


  1. Lovely read! :') Finally something different. Love this post :) -Gopish

  2. I really appreciate the idea and the blog written with feeling of being concern for the cause.. I believe that everyone with discriminating gender have 'right to live and live with choice' ... if someone find a right companion for life.. that is the better beginning of life.. I really admire the identical spurt of taking responsibilities of the groom by holding her daughter in his arms.. appreciate that... bingo... Roving Viren