Sunday, 2 February 2014

How I Started Using Facebook as Communication Tool

I was addicted to Facebook sometime back, but now I hover less on it and keep myself busy with working out, work and travels. I am living more in the real world and less in the virtual. All of it seemed to be almost impossible for me, considering I am a content writer and a social media expert. Yes, initially it was extremely complicated for me, which needed a change and I had to do it because I was not living full.

You must be wondering, how I did it? I didn’t give up my Facebook account, nor did I give up going online over Facebook. All I did was to limit myself from using it less frequently and only to communicate with someone, who would be online or check his/her Facebook inbox. The idea is very similar to TV, you watch only those programs that interest you and save precious time for productivity. Or else you just watch anything and everything that’s being aired. Just so you know, I don’t have a TV in my room, which keeps me away from the idiot box and whatever I need is always available on the web. My family thinks that this is abnormal behavior, but I am the most happy person and creative for that very lack of apparatus.

 Though, there is something that you must know, Facebook has to be handled in a certain manner that it becomes less invasive. It is indeed a very proficient tool for letting you keep in touch with your family as well as friends who live offshore. But you certainly don’t need to be hung on the Facebook all the time.

Here I am enlisting some suggestions for the Facebook Addicts to get over this fever and start living the way I did.

  1.  FriendsOnly keep the people in the friend list of Facebook, who you personally know or who are your business connections in the real life. Rest are mostly spammers, who will like your posts or share them at the most, but they won’t be there for a meaningful conversation. I had more than 4,000 people on my Facebook friend list and I ruthlessly deleted most of them. Today I am happy with a little more than 1,000 friends, who respond to my messages and comments. So start deleting, who you don’t know or who don’t respond.
  2. Pages and GroupsSeverely put a limit on how many Facebook Pages you tend to like and how many Facebook Groups you join. Most of the stuff, which isn’t relevant to you will fill up the news feed on your Facebook wall and make you feel that a lot is going on. That’s just a mirage and junk, which you don’t require on any given day.
  3. Time for Log in and Log outFix a time for log in and them log out within a fixed time frame. I log into Facebook thrice a day for 10 minutes, considering I work full time on the internet; this is still a lot of time that I spend on Facebook in an entire day. If I am having a conversation with my friend or uploading photos, then the time may extend, but that happens once in a blue moon.
  4. Traditional Modes of CommunicationI have started to make phone calls, leaving voice messages on WhatsApp, while texting has become very limited. The best that I do is to call and go see my friends in person. Face to face conversation is more fruitful and it strengthens the bond between two people.
  5. Stop Posting Every MinutePosting every thought and emotion over Facebook isn’t good at all. Limit your posts to as minimum as possible, so you don’t get too many notifications and people appreciate any important news that you share.
  6. Stop Playing Games!!!This is the most necessary and significant thing that you must do at once. Playing Facebook games are the most time wasting activity that one can indulge into. Though, it will please you with the achievements, but it will eat your productive time.
In a nutshell, be absolutely strict with yourself on what you use Facebook for. If it’s just fun and frolic then set a time limit, if it’s for communication then again set the rules.

And yes, if you can manage to stay away from Facebook for a week at a stretch; you won’t miss it the same way; I don’t miss the TV in my room.

~Raghu Raj Murmu


  1. Great to know... Specially the friends stuff... Kind of dissappointed but, anyhow good to know.

  2. The first clause doesn't apply on you Laura, You were a good friend, you are and you'll always be one!