Thursday, 1 August 2013


So today I have joined this wonderful project called Postcrossing. The object of this peculiar project is to let people send and receive postcards from strangers across the world. The strangers are equally interested in sending and receiving picture postcards from other people. All this is done for "Free"! The primary idea here is to 'send a postcard and receive one from a random sender'.

Now you must be thinking, why someone would even want to send or receive Picture Postcards in the time of digital era. Well, there are many people who still like to send and receive the real snail mail. The best part of this entire process is the element of pure surprise that comes with the postcards, which one receives from various places across the globe. Some of the places you may have never known or heard of; it increases your geographical knowledge as well as political knowledge about the world in general.

How does Postcrossing work?

Once you have registered yourself on Postcrossing for free, you have to;

  1. Request the address for a postcard recipient from the website with a Postcrossing ID
  2. Now write the address of the recipient with the Postcrossing ID on the postcard
  3. Post the postcard duly stamped
  4. Now wait for your own postcard to arrive
  5. Once you receive a postcard, register it on the system with its Postcrossing ID
Don't forget to upload the picture of the postcard that you send or receive.

Initially you can send a maximum of 5 postcards at a single time. Each time one of your sent postcards will be registered by it's recipient, you may request for another address promptly. The permissable number of the postcards allowed to be sent, increases when you gradually cross the certain set number of postcards.

I have sent 5 postcards today. Will update as soon as I get my own postcard from someone or the recipients of my postcards would receive their's. For your reference, here is the link to my Postcrossing Profile.

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