Thursday, 22 November 2012

Liquor with Broken Wire!!!

So my manager drops down to Mumbai to spend her long weekend with me.

In the evening I get a call from another friend of mine for liquor since she is to leave for a long trip and she can't go without her bottle of Vodka.

This prompts me to do some more research for liquor and their prices over the internet. The result was overwhelming and I end up making a fine long list for the weekend and the next month.

I already had Sula Shiraz, Golconda and Port Wine as well as "Port Wine No.-7." Now the list would go long with Smrinoff regular Vodka for my friend, Bacardi White Rum for my manager (extremely dry liquor), Antiquity Blue whiskey and Blenders Pride for myself.

I had a currency note of INR1000, which i happily took to the wine shop where all the ordered liquor was available but there was a glitch at the time of payment. The note of INR1000 had its silver wire broken at places so they denied to accept it. I had to go back and fetch another note of INR1000 to make the payment. 

Now liquor was there but the note with broken wire has become a concern. I don't have time to go to the bank and get it changed and none would except it in its present condition

Got to do something for sure.

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