Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Do You Know That Rummy Games Can Influence Thinking!

It is a fact that whatever you do, no matter how tiny; it does affect your thinking pattern. Now you must be wondering, would rummy or online rummy that needs skills, can impact on your thinking? Of course; it does!

Though you do not need to worry, there is no negative influence here. However, this game of 13 cards can certainly give you more than what you have dealt here for.

Influence of Rummy

  1. Priorities in proper order: While you are dealing the cards in games such as Indian rummy, your priorities and their good order is vital. Without this, you cannot win, and this is similar in real life. Doing this can help you effectively manage your assets.
  2. Being aware of possibilities and no chances: At times, we persist doing when it would be best to leave it. With online rummy, you get to learn, when is the time to continue fighting or if it is time to leave; even when everything is good. It is an excellent technique to apply in life.
  3. Make the most of your assets: You might not have what you desired, but you may still have the necessary or something that has a good use. Using those resources to magnify your chances to win is what you learn from Indian rummy.
  4. Comprehending others: Be it online rummy or any other sport, it is vital to be aware of the self, surroundings and other players or people around. This trait, if developed well; will bestow you with the ability to predict what others might be up to. It is indeed great life skill.
  5. Taking calculated risks: You cannot win if you do not risk something, but the risk has to be calculated. Jumping haphazardly into quick, profitable conclusions without keeping in mind the risk factors and calculating; can land you in trouble.

Any game can give many lessons, but online rummy or Indian rummy to be precise; teaches what you ‘must’ learn quickly. You can start now if you have not or play more diligently; if you already do.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

2 1/2 Years!

It's been nearly two and a half years since I last blogged here. Well, I have been busy writing for various clients and agencies lately; while writing took me places.

I shall discuss everything in detail; in the coming days. For now, do know that I shall be a regular on my blog.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Chatth and Thekua

The Chatth festival has taken over the north Indian states like a wild-fire this week and I just had the finest Thekuas of this celebration. This crispy deep fried Bihari delicacy is something that I start my winters with.

In case you wish to know the recipe; click here!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Relief from hypertension!

It was a bit agonizing moment for me when I visited my doctor this evening, for another checkup. This time my blood pressure was 130, which is substantially normal, compared to what I had on Monday. The doctor has given a green signal for running and exercise, but asked to refrain from consuming non-vegan food till this weekend.

I am not going to consume extra salt till this Sunday anyways, but next week onward; I shall be back on my regular diet.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Hypertension for real!

For the entire last week I was having severe headache and so I decide to visit our family doctor in Jamshedpur this evening. I was shocked to find that my assumption of having high blood pressure was confirmed by him. My BP was above 150 this evening and doctor gave me medicines to get it under check within next 48 hours or else he would commence serious medication. I am also being barred from indulging into running or into any kind of cardio-exercise till this problem is not sorted out. He also prohibited me from eating non-vegan food and any amount of salt; till every thing in not normal.

Now the way I see the cause of this health problem is my over indulgence in sodium rich food last week, sleep-deprivation and lower fluid intake. All of that made my body meet Ms. Hypertension. Nevermind, I should be fine in next couple of hours.